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The Chikaming Seventh-day Adventist Church began as a small group in Bridgman, Michigan in the month of July, 1946.  This group met in Bridgman's American Legion Hall until extensive remodeling forced them to find another location. 

For about a year they gathered in a house before finding a store room in the back of a furniture store in Baroda.  They had no chairs, so they took concrete blocks and placed planks across the blocks for seating.  With these uncomfortable “pews” it was a rare thing for anyone to snooze during the church service! 

On May 29, 1948, this small group was officially recognized by the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists as a church with 19 charter members. Many of the early members were of German descent.  The vision and actions of the charter members had a profound impact on the future development of the church. 

During the next few years a search was made for a more suitable location and in January, 1955 the purchase of the present property at 13083 Red Arrow Highway in Chikaming Township was finalized.  The log cabin style building was erected in 1953 and had previously been used as a social gathering place.  In February, 1955, the official name "Chikaming Seventh-day Adventist Church" was chosen as the beginning stage to developing a new presence in the community.

The church building has undergone many changes since its beginning days. An annex was added to the main building in 1962 to be used for classrooms.  The most meaningful changes this church has undergone have not been to the facility, but to the people who have been served by the church. In addition to being a place of worship, the building has been used for a daycare center, elementary school, and is currently operating as a food pantry for those in need.  Many other ministries of the church cover a wide spectrum of needs.  Even though most of the 19 original members have passed away or have moved, their vision lives on in this distinct church of Chikaming Township.

Chikaming Seventh-day Adventist Church is open to anyone searching for a friendly Christian church family.  We believe that having a dedicated life to God is the best way to live, and we gather together weekly as a part of our journey of faith.  You can meet with us any Saturday morning for the worship service at 10:00, and for Bible study at 11:30.  A warm welcome awaits everyone who joins us as we grow together as a community.